SPE «Dynamics» HISTORY

The scientific-production enterprise «Dynamics» (SPE «Dynamics») was founded in 1990 by a group of specialists from All-Union Research Relay Construction Institute, Cheboksary. The Company's management is former designers of many Soviet relay protection devices for 6-1150 kV power utilities.

1990 – 92

first researches and developments accomplished for RAO UES, ODU Center, research Institutes in Kiev and Warsaw, SIEMENS company.


Launch of a new generation computer-based testing system RETOM-31 designed for relay protection equipment testing has become a true sensation in the Russian market


RETOM-41 based testing system RELAY-TOMOGRAPH-41– a brand in the power industry – is well known to all relay specialists in Russia and CIS countries. Start of special RETOM-41 programs development for automatic testing of most frequently applied relay protection and automation devices.


RAO UES of Russia recommends power utilities and adjustment companies to use the testing system RELAY-TOMOGRAPH for relay protection and automation equipment adjustment and maintenance to improve operation and reduce the labor cost


The instrument for testing simple relay protection and automation devices - RETOM-11 - the "younger brother" of RETOM-41 – is introduced. Thanks to simplicity and convenience in use, small size and capacity as well as high sustainability it has become popular among specialists. Start of RELAY-TOMOGRAPH-41M – the updated testing system - series production. Five hundred RETOM units have been sold.


Arrangement of free-of charge monthly-based practical seminars for relay specialists on relay protection and automation equipment testing with the help of RETOM series testing instruments.


On its 10th anniversary eve SPE «Dynamics» becomes the winner of two most up-market competitions in Russia: RETOM has been awarded the " ХХI Century Golden Mark of Quality " on results of the President program «Take in the Third Millenium» and the "Golden Mark of Quality" on results of the National Program of best Russian goods promotion "The Russian Mark". One thousand RETOM units have been sold.


Launch of RETOM-VCh based testing system RELAY-TOMOGRAPH-VCh designed for complex testing of different high-frequency equipment in the power industry has manifested a new step in Company's development


Start of development of special RELAY-TOMOGRAPH-VCh programs for automatic testing of high-frequency stations and emergency control automation devices


New generation RETOM-51 based system RELAY-TOMOGRAPH-51 is created; it imbibes the Company's 10-year practical experience. SPE «Dynamics» obtains the international certificate TUV CERT that certifies introduction and application of internationally acknowledged quality management system ISO 9001:2000 in the field of: "Design, production and maintenance of equipment for testing relay protection, automation and high-frequency equipment". This certificate is a result of Company’s long-term activity, the sign of high RETOM equipment quality and acknowledgement of its wide application field.

RETOM-2500 is the instrument for mains frequency MHz insulation resistance testing.


RETOM-11М is a more powerful instrument compared with RETOM-11; it provides several important advantages. RETOMETR is a new generation numerical voltampere- and phase meter that is a head forward in its accuracy, overall dimensions and weight compared with other modern voltamperemeters.


10 000 RETOM units have been delivered


The measuring system RETOM-30KA designed for up to 30 кА primary sinusoidal current supply complies with most strict requirements to signal quality and measuring accuracy in large current conditions. RET-MOM is a unique instrument that combines functionality of two – microohmmeter and milliohmmeter - and enables wide resistance range measurement – from automate contacts up to highly inductive power transformers. Sufficient RETOM-51 functionality improvement due to introduction of RET-GPS synchronization unit and RET-64/32 I/O extension unit.


RETOM-61 is a computer-based testing system designed for testing of all types of complex relay protection and automation devices – either electromechanical or microprocessor-based. RETOM-21 is a mobile, powerful and universal testing system aimed for testing primary and secondary electrical equipment; it is based on RETOM-21 instrument that can be applied for all types of testing in power utilities. The switching unit RET-61850 together with RETOM-61(51) supports testing of modern microprocessor-based protections compatible with IEC 61850 data communication standard. 20 000 RETOM units have been delivered.


Since the start of 2010 warranty period for the whole range of SPE “Dynamics” products is increased from 3 to 5 years. Updating of RETOM-2500 and RET-BAH devices led to creating of RETOM-6000 and RET-BAH-2000 instruments. Instrument software development; RETOM-51(61) software package is extended. New weвsite is launched. SPE “Dynamics” celebrated its 20-th anniversary. Conference “RETOM – 20 years of energy industry experience” is held. 22000 RETOM instruments are in operation.


RETOMETR-М2 – three-phase multifunctional voltamperemeter and phase meter designed to measure single/three phase electric circuit parameters at 50 Hz in field and laboratory conditions. From November 2011 RETOM-51 became more powerful – 36 A at 500 VA per channel. SPE “Dynamics” launched an on-line discussion forum which helped many protection engineers find solutions how to operate RETOM family equipment and share their experience.


RETOM line is considerably extended. RETOM-61850 — test device designed to carry out complete IEC 61850 relay protection and automation equipment test. RETOM-21 obtained new plastic case. Partnership agreement between между OAO “IDGC Holding” and SPE “Dynamics” is signed. New RETOM-VCH/64-based RETOM-VCH set is manufactured. RETOM-61 test device is updated — now 36 A per channel. RETOM-51(61) standard and special software package is extended. More than 30 000 RETOM line devices are in operation.


Updated RETOM-30 kA: control with encoder-knob, a new graphical OLED-display, intuitive menu control, the new transformer sealed housing units. Series "Library electrician" supplemented by two books: "Automated check Transceiver PVZ-90M using RETOM-HF" and "Check panel EPZ-1636 with an instrument RETOM-51 (61)" 2nd edition.


a new form of training - training with a certificate of the established sample (based on the partnership agreements with the NOU DPO "PKI RPA"). The complex RETOM-21 kit came RET-Micro, allows you to check circuit breakers DC and measure the contact resistance of 1 mOhm. Updated RETOMETR-M2 - new functions, the possibility of a qualitative analysis of the network.


upgraded RETOM-51. Implemented complex delivery of the equipment series RETOM objects OJSC "AK" Transneft ".


RETOM-21 system was modernized in 2016. Its weight became significantly lower, setting of output parameters became more accurate, PC-enabled fully functional control of Source 3 was implemented. Starting from the second half of the year, “Sequence Generator” software module, which enables individual development of test scripts for relay protection and automation equipment logic part, is included in the delivery set of RETOM-61/51 systems.

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