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RЕТ-GPS module is designed for remote synchronization of generated signal from 2 or more RЕТОМ-51 or RЕТОМ-61 systems over GPS.

RЕТ-GPS module usage permits two RЕТОМ-51 or RЕТОМ-61 systems to generate and change current voltage signals in absolute synchronous and in-phase modes.

Principally the module is necessary for overhead lines phase-differential protection control where GPS synchronization permits rapid and accurate checking of phase comparator, protection blocking angle and phase characteristic measuring.

Delivery set includes:

  • control module,
  • receive module,
  • antenna,
  • USB (A-B) cable,
  • supply unit,
  • case.

Technical specifications

Synchronization source
GPS system (“U-Blox” TIM-LL company receiver)
number of channels
Operate time delay, max
500 ns
Channel type
open collector, current-limited
current limit
20 ... 40 mА
Max. voltage
40 V
Output insulation test voltage
500 V

Operating conditions

Module control
USB port
Power source
– input
100 … 264 (frequency 50/60 Hz) V
– output
12 ± 0,6 V
– current consumption
700 mА
Connection cable length
30 ± 1 m
Weight, max
3,1 kg
Overall dimensions
– Control module, max
215 x 102 x 50 mm
– Receiver module, max
125 x 70 x 35 mm
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